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Travel Deal? Or travel no deal?

What's a travel deal? Depending what you're looking for that can mean many things. Many discounter sites like, etc, guarantee the lowest rates on airfare and travel reservations. However, you may not be getting exactly what you'd expect. Airlines in particular, will allocate a certain amount of seats for discounter websites and will place restrictions on those tickets. For example, after you book, you may not be able to choose your seat. Of course if you can't choose your seat, you're getting put in the middle. You'll also likely be last in your boarding group. (depending on which airline you're flying with) If you're looking to travel at the absolute lowest price possible, discounter sites are for you. However, if flexibility and comfort (even as small as it may be) are important, don't do it! Instead, find the airport you'd like to depart from, and price the airlines directly through their website. You may pay a little more, but you'll have the flexibility to make sure your flight is enjoyable, and not just cheap. Non-Refundable Non-refundable flights seems to be the new normal in the travel industry, however, depending where you book, you may be in for a ...
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How to get the best airfare deal

The never ending buyers remorse. Booking too soon, booking to late, paying way more for your airfare than anticipated. Here's a few tips that will help you find when the right time to book is, or to travel when the price is right. Plan ahead-One of the hardest things to do, but the most fruitful out of all. Airlines employ a multitude of seat occupancy programs to ensure that seats fares are in higher price brackets when the plane is expected to be full. When are planes empty? Way before you even think about stepping on it. Passenger 1 books ...
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Save extra money on airline tickets

Airline tickets can be pretty expensive if you aren’t familiar with how airlines price those tickets and why. There are all kinds of ways you can save money when the time comes to buy your airline tickets. You could book them far in advance, choose crappy seats, or subject yourself to many hours worth of layovers at various airports. Sure not every option is appealing but once you get where you are going, you’ll be glad it was so cheap to get there. Booking far in advance is always a good way to save money and also guarantees your spot ...
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9 Beach Vacation Ideas

When it comes to go on your beach vacation, it can be very hard to pick a destination. There are many places you can go, whether you want to explore ...
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Visit: Times Square New York City

Although you can just as easily visit both Times Square and Broadway during the day, you won’t experience the magic of those world famous neon signs until darkness falls and ...
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Kids and Jet Lag

Jet Lag leaves adults tired, cranky and many times, physically ill. For children the adjustment from one time zone to another is even more difficult. Young children, especially, are very ...
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Visit: Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Nestled, on the eastern edge of South Carolina, lie the beautiful sand of Myrtle Beach. Here you’ll be sure to have a vacation that will suit the entire family. Whether ...
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HONG KONG - SEPTEMBER 1: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY)  In this handout photo provided by Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are seen in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the new Disneyland Park on September 1, 2005 in Hong Kong.  The new theme park and vacation resort will officially open September 12.   (Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images)

Disney: For the kids

Disneyland is a very popular destination for families, and there are an incredible number of things to see and do at the park. For many young children, the highlight of ...
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Sunset above the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River.

Visit: Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park was one of America’s first National Parks, and it’s one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations with visitors from across the world being inspired ...
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Hotel Cribs: What you need to know

Hotel cribs can be a real time and space saver. With limited room in the vehicle and long hours driving, it’s always nice to arrive at your hotel and find ...
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Visit: Hollywood Blvd

Anyone visiting California who is even remotely interested in movies and celebrities can’t fail include a visit to Hollywood Boulevard on their itinerary of holiday activities. But the reality of ...
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Visit: Las Vegas Nevada

At one time Las Vegas was little more than a tiny town in the desert, then came the boom time of the big casinos and the reputation of being a ...
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Visit: Alcatraz, San Francisco CA Federal Prison

Converted from a military installation to a federal prison in 1934, Alcatraz is one of America’s foremost notorious prisons. Despite the fact it was only used as a prison for ...
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Paris: Where to stay

How to Choose Paris hotels When choosing the right hotel you may want to check with your local travel agent or you may even want to go online to check ...
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Bring the kids: While traveling on business

When traveling for business, it’s usually a good idea to leave the kids at home in the care of family or close friends. There are times, however, when you must ...
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Traveling for the first time? Here’s some tips!

Traveling can be in different forms. Either on land, air or sea, it is always mandatory to be safe at all times. Although another kind of traveling is now rampant ...
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Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

It is always a great experience to go to different counties. You will be able to experience different cultures, and you will also have the chance to take a look ...
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ALB-Albany International Airport-What you need to know

Are you an Albany, New York resident, especially one that has plans to fly out of the country? Whether you actually live in the Albany area or live in the ...
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Common International Travel Rules

Everyday, in the United States, a large number of individuals, couples, and families travel by way of an airplane. Out of all of those travelers, a decent number of them ...
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Hotel and Airfare Packages

At some time in your life you are bound to buy airline tickets. It might be to go on a business trip or to visit a loved one across the ...
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The Cheapest Airline Tickets

You see advertisements for cheap airline tickets all over the place. They saturate the Internet, television, and newspapers for good reason. Nobody wants to pay $800 for an airline ticket ...
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Airplane above the clouds,

Airline Ticket Tricks

Almost everyone will need to buy airline tickets at some point in their lives. Whether for a family members wedding or to take a dream vacation, unless you want to ...
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Leisure Airline Tickets

Finally, it’s time for you and your family to pack up and go somewhere exciting. This requires a lot of thought and planning if you want everything to go smoothly ...
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Theme Park and Airline Packages

Airlines often give you great deals if you purchase theme park tickets at the same time or plan to stay at a theme parks hotel. This is particularly true with ...
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Best Airline Ticket Deals

Airline tickets can be expensive no matter how you look at it. You might as well explore every option available to see if you can get some good airline ticket ...
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Airline ticket deals to avoid

You may have been curious about ads or websites that promise no strings attached airline tickets to a great place like Orlando or Hawaii. Some of these might even include ...
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How to baby-proof your hotel room

After a long drive, a nice, quiet night in a hotel room sounds perfect. Unfortunately, after that long drive, the toddlers might not see it the same way. If parents ...
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